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Shelby & Tiffany Holly

Two sisters who share a passion for home design and decided to build a business together. Styling houses with a focus on family is how we create a house that truly feels like home.

Tiffany Holly 

Shelby Holly


Hi Friends,

I am so glad you are here and want to know more about me and what my sister and I are doing together. I live in a small town in Alaska. My name is Tiffany Holly and my husband and I have been married for 6 years. We met in Junior High and became friends first which led to dating after several years. We dated for almost 3 years before getting married. God has blessed us with three beautiful children. A boy named Haydan, a girl named Hazel and another boy name Harvey. We definitely want a big family one day and hope that God will keep answering our prayers to one day having a big family. 

My husband and I own two other businesses together. My husband took over his grandfathers business in 2018 called Specialty Excavating. I help him with whatever he needs help with. Sometimes paperwork and sometimes just running errands with the kiddos. I also own Tiffany's Unique Antique and refurbish furniture for people or for myself and sell it. It keeps my passion for creativity going. If you want to know more about me and how I felt like God was pulling me towards designing homes? Go check out our first blog post of how I have always felt like making a house a home. 

Thank you for stopping by Tiff and I's page. We are thrilled to share our passion with you.

I'm Shelby Holly.

I'm a mom to three rowdy boys, Axton, BodhiBodhi, and Crew. I married my High School sweet a few months after he graduated Marine Corps boot camp. We just moved back home to Alaska after my husband served 8 years in the Marine Corps. I now work as a Pre-K teacher while building this business. We truly felt God called us back home, and he has currently been opening doors for us since we got here. 


I feel like I have lived 9 lives, not just because I'm an old soul but with how many life experiences I have had. I moved to North Carolina 4 days after high school graduation to be with my husband. There I went to cosmology school and did hair for 5 years. While in North Carolina my husband went on 3 deployments and countless field ops. During this time I became extremely independent and really started making my house our home. This is where my passion for creating the true feel of home. I was so focused on turning NC into our home since leaving Alaska. I think I did too well of a job, our hearts are still in NC.

We got a huge wake up call when Jordan got orders to Okinawa, Japan. On top of that we found out we were expecting our first baby 2 weeks before the move. We called Okinawa our home for 3 years and had both our babies there. Living in Okinawa was such a blessing. I got to stay home with my babies and really soak in the island life. Okinawa will always be our home.

Living in Okinawa really showed me how important it is to make your house feel like home. You need a space that is completely and truly yours. I can't wait to help clients create that.

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