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Interior Design 

Holly Design Co. is not limited to one style. We tailor each design to our client's vision. We focus on positive relationships with our clients. As business women with families, we know how your home is your safe haven. By trusting us with your vision we will make getting out of your comfort zone easier. With our communication skills we make sure every decision, small or big, is thoroughly thought through. This will ensure we have created a home that perfectly reflects you. 


Commercial Design

With our fresh and inviting design your business will welcome clients and put them at ease. We will ensure that our design represents and reflects your business. 



We will come in with fresh eyes to create a new space with your furniture. We will mix your favorite pieces with carefully chosen accent pieces to transform your present space but still keeping your unique personality. 


Home Renovations

By thinking outside the box, we stay within our client's budgets but also make sure their needs and wishes are met. With our creative minds we can envision the space's potential and create a plan of action. We do every detail from picking out paint colors, to cabinet door styles, to lighting and customized details. 


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