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Holly Design Co.



Holly Design Co. offers all things home. We specialize in interior design, new construction, home renovation, commercial, creative consultations, and real estate staging. We are passionate about creating spaces that you instantly feel welcomed, at ease, and inspired in. No style is out of our comfort zone - modern, farmhouse, boho, traditional, and everything else! With your vision and our fresh perspective we will create a uniquely personalized design.


Holly Design Co. is educated, professional home stagers. Our goal is to create the best first impression. We offer fresh and inviting designs to highlight your home's best features. Bringing out the positive attributes of your house will enhance and highlight the beauty of the space and allow potential buyers to visualize the property as their future home. Our styling will ensure your property will stand out  from the competition.  





"I have known Tiffany for awhile now and have always been impressed with the furniture she has refurbished. She has a very sweet and matter of fact disposition about her as well which I love! So when is saw her start posting before/afters of her own home and some others I knew I absolutely needed her help to get my new little girls room all decorated! Her and her partner Shelby came over to my home to scout the space and I gave them very little direction but what they came up with was absolutely perfect and better than I could have envisioned. Their communication was impeccable which is something I’m very picky about. I could not have been happier!  I can’t wait to get this room put together. It will be by far one of the best rooms in the house!"

- Jessica Seymour

"I contacted Holly Design Co several months ago about doing a consultation for my house. I had been very impressed seeing how they tackled their own projects with a clear vision and had made such transformations so quickly and wanted to emulate that in my own house but I had no idea what I wanted or how to start. Tiffany and Shelby were very easy to get ahold of and had great communication the whole time- even before they came for a consultation Shelby was walking me through my kitchen remodel I had already started (and gently steering me away from some bad paint decisions, thank goodness)! When Shelby and Tiffany came to see our house they were energetic, personable, and professional. My fiancé and I had vague and differing ideas of what we wanted for our house and they were able to take these ideas and create a design we could not only both agree on but both loved. It takes a special talent to look at a space and see what it can be. Shelby and Tiffany are not only able to do this but they are able to listen to what their clients want and make that an attainable reality. Even if I had known exactly what I wanted for my house I would have had no idea how to make it happen. Holly Design Co made the process extremely doable and were available at all hours to answer questions and give me further advice. They made the whole process fun I loved working with them and will absolutely be hiring them again!"

- Maya Johnson

"There are really no words to capture the transformation that took place when Holly Design Co. staged our home, but the fact that it had multiple and competing offers within hours of putting it on the market is a testament to their beautiful work! The designers are incredibly talented and help buyers see potential in every space. We are confident the elegant staging done by Holly Design Co. as suggested by our amazing realtor, Kelly Griebel, truly made the difference for us, and we highly recommend them to you"

                              -Robin Jones

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